Internet Security Tips for Keeping You and Your Kids Safe Online

Hey, I am Shyni. I am responsible for this blog.
My aim is to share simple internet and home pc security tips that moms and dads can use to keep kids safe online, when they use the internet for studies or work. Of course, many of these tips will be useful for parents as well , while at work or at home or while traveling. I hope you find this blog useful and that you will provide your valuable suggestions and feedback.

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What are the Available Mobile Security features?

Hi Friends, Do you think Mobiles are safe today?Purchase a Genuine Mobile Antivirus software to ensure the security of  data in your Mobile. Basic Mobile Antivirus application Features: Antitheft System – Guard against phone loss or theft with multiple layers of security that allow you to maintain control remotely over phone-stored data with simple to [...]

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Simple steps to Speed up your computer

Hi Friends, 10 Simple steps to Speed up your computer: 1) Delete unwanted files 2) Delete hidden junk files 3) Remove unwanted programs 4) Clean-Up the disk and get rid of the junk files 5) Always pay for a virus program to ensure extra security features 6) Avoid multitasking with large programs 7) Use an [...]

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Easy ways to enhance Mobile security of your Family

Good Morning Friends, Have you thought about the security of  mobile phones of your family ? It is as important as you protect their Laptop or Ipad .Check out some easy ways to enhance the security of the mobile phones. Keep your Mobile device clean and up-to-date, Just like how you manage your computer, Handle your [...]

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Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Hi Friends, Today lets discuss what is the use in using  HTTPS  instead of  HTTP  while browsing sensitive data. What is HTTPS? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a secure version of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http). HTTPS allows secure online transactions, such as ecommerce applications,online banking etc. What is the difference between [...]

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Is Skype Secure

Hi Friends, Are you using skype for communication??Skype has many risks than advantages.Its a known  fact that , 100 % security is not guaranteed in skype as far as sensitive information is concerned.It is always better to take precautions while getting into action. Know  some basic tips for protecting Skype users from hackers, fraudsters and [...]

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Recommended advices on Threats and Insecurities involved in Cloud computing

Good morning, More and more organisations big and small are adopting to Cloud computing technology.People seem both excited and nervous to face the new adoption.Since there are rising challenges and threats related to the cloud computing technology.Here are few list of threats and remedies for a safe experience with cloud computing. Abuse and Nefarious Use [...]

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Parental Control

Hey Friends, Today lets have a note on the Parental control feature of  any Antivirus software available today. What is Parental Control? Parental control  allows to restrict your child’s  access  to certain websites and helps with  the major concern of the parents by preventing  their children from accessing adult-oriented web sites. Advantages of  Parental Control: Simple, [...]

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The birthday song Scam which spread recently in facebook

Hi Friends, Social networking sites are exciting but at times could leads you to do blunders.Like how most of us have been a victim of  the recent scam in Facebook.The recent birthday song scam which has been there for over a month  turns out that there is a malicious app that uses the same meme [...]

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What is Cloud Computing?

Good Morning, If you are wondering what is Cloud, then to your suprise you are already using cloud based services like Gmail , Google docs etc…Cloud allows connecting your information of any sector social networks, bank, university, workplace, family, friends with each other.Ofcourse you will be the person to determine what to share and what [...]